THE COLLINS and STITES CLANS: My Mother’s Side of the Family (1900-1996)

My mother, Ellen Clock’s maiden name was Cornelia Ellen Collins. Here is a little bit on her side of the family….the Stites’ (her grandparents on her mother’s side) and the Collins’ (her grandparents on her dad’s side).  I don’t know very much about them. Wish I did though.

******************************** THE STITES CLAN ***********************************

The Stites’ were Ellen Collins Clock’s grandparents, her mother’s (Lula Mae Collins) parents, in other words, my grandma and great grandparents on my mom’s side.  As I recall, they lived on a farm near Broken Arrrow, Oklahoma.

Upper photo. Written on the back, “Grandpa & Grandma, Dustin, Oklahoma, 1936) with Mike Clock”. At their farm.
The next photo: The Stites, their daughter Lula Mae Stites Collins (my grandma) and their granddaughter, Ellen Collins Clock (my mother, standing on the right, holding my oldest brother Mike’s hand).
Bottom photo: All 3 generations together.
I do recall hearing how much my mother (Ellen Clock) liked her grandparents and enjoyed visiting their farm, especially when she was a girl. And how her grandpa cared for all the wild birds on his place and wouldn’t let anyone disturb them.




1910 CENSUS …The Stites family, living in Wagoner County, OK.  Note: my grandma (Lula Mae Collins) is 22 years old.


My dad (Charles) marveled at how mom’ grandma could start with practically nothing and create a tremendous meal, effortlessly, without recipes. After my folks were just married Mom baked up a pie for her grandpa …going to all sorts of effort & trouble to make it just right. He ate a piece in silence. Mother finally has to ask him what he thought. He just replied, “Tolerable.” Dad thought that was the funniest thing ever!

******************************* THE COLLINS CLAN *********************************

J.A.D. COLLINS (1902):
He was my great grandfather, my mother’s (Ellen Collins Clock) father-in-law. His son, David Paul Collins, married my grandmother, Lula Mae Stites Collins. She wrote on the back of this photo, “32 years old”. So that would mean JAD was born in 1870. I know her handwriting well, from the notes she would write to us kids.

I know it was common practice during the early 1900’s for many men to be referred to by the initials of their first and middle name …such as DP. Rather than by their first and last name.

I doubt that it is related to that practice, but my dad (Charles) always used my initials (BMC) whenever he left me a note or wrote me a letter, later on in life.
Perhaps? Or maybe he was just admiring what he and Mom named me? ha


CENSUS 1900, The Collins household.  Note: my grandfather is 9 years old …and he is already switching the order of his name from David Paul to Paul David …something he did off and on the rest of his life.  Don’t know why.  Also notice where the Collins are living in 1900 …that’s right, Indian Territory!


J.A.D. Collins and his sons at the family farm. David Paul “DP” Collins (my Mom’s dad) is located on the lower left in this photo. Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about my grandpa. I never met him and have no idea what he did after my grandma (Lula Mae Stites Collins) and he divorced. I do remember my mother, Ellen Collins Clock, telling me that he taught high school, even taught his daughter (my mom) a class or two and he was quite strict. No breaks from him for his kids while in his class …just the opposite! He came from an English background. And most interesting to me as a boy …he NEVER drank anything while eating his meals. Only before or after.


———————————————– DP and LULA MAE COLLINS ———————————————-

DAVID & LULA MAE COLLINS ….MY GRANDPARENT’S WEDDING PHOTO: David Paul “DP” Collins & Lula Mae Stites.  MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE: 1911, Wagoner County, Oklahoma ….he was 20 & she was 23.




1920 CENSUS.  My mother (who went by her middle name, Ellen, all her life …instead of Cornelia) was 6 years old.  Both my grandparents were school teachers.


THE 3 COLLINS KIDS REGISTER FOR SCHOOL (1921):  My mother would have been in about the 4th grade.  Adamson, OK.


1930 CENSUS:  The family was now living in Tulsa, OK.  My mother, Ellen was 16 …probably a sophomore at Central High School, Tulsa, OK.  It appears that her dad was no longer teaching, but selling insurance.  And my grandma apparently quit teaching for a bit.  I know she went back to teaching grade school, later on in life.


BIRTH and DEATH INFO:  David Paul Collins.  (from Family Search tree)

Divorce in America was a rather unusual thing in the 1930’s. There was a definite social stigma. My mother seemed to take the divorce of her parents hard …rarely ever speaking of her dad. And as far as I know she never saw him again, even though he passed away in Roseberg, Oregon (1951) …only 150 miles away from where we lived. Wonder what all happened to him? What he did with the rest of his life? Did he stay in touch with any of his kids …Art, Ellen or James? Or his grandkids? Or was good bye …good bye forever? Doubt I’ll ever know. Seems horribly sad. Tragic even.


LULA MAE STITES COLLINS: (1950’s) My grandmother was a grade school teacher in Oregon, after my parents moved out west. My grandfather, DP Collins, was a teacher as well …high school though.  They divorced not long after 1930.   Grandma stayed with us on Ladd Hill from time to time, especially during school breaks. I do remember us driving into Sherwood to pick her up one Christmas. She arrived from Eugene on the Greyhound (she never learned to drive). We were all excited. Very cool when she came to see us …she always brought Ken & I each a packet of gum …and sometimes other stuff.

I recall the two of us shelling peas on the front porch as a lad …her big helper. But mostly I recall her homemade biscuits …every other morning when she was on Ladd Hill. Best breakfast ever! We would beg her to make em every single morning. I’ve made them myself many times through the years …but they NEVER taste as good. Don’t know why either. Maybe it was mostly the company we kept when we ate them back then??



L-R: Her daughter, Ellen Clock, Lula Mae Collins (holding her great granddaughter, Mary Ellen Clock), Mike Clock and his other kids in front …Thom Clock, Kathy Clock.


******************************* ARTHUR COLLINS. *********************************

ART COLLINS & CHARLES CLOCK (my uncle & dad) Clowning around at our house on Ladd Hill, when Dad had a well drilling “company”. Late 1940’s. Was Art part of it too? Everett Rice of Spokane??




A couple of funny things about Uncle Art. He and my dad, Charles Clock, were good friends through life. They both worked together well drilling and then were involved in bakery equipment for the remainder of their lives ….him in LA and Dad in San Francisco and then Portland. When he and my dad chatted on the phone or in person, they invariably called each other “John”. I have no idea where their mutual nickname came from, neither had John for a first or middle name. It amused me to no end when I was growing up!

Another funny one. Uncle Art (Collins) would come out to our place on Ladd Hill, OR. Sometimes he would play catch with my younger brother, Ken, and I. Baseball or football. And once in a while he would lose one of the cigars he always carried in his pocket in the yard (like Dad, he chewed them instead of smoking them in those days …NO I don’t know why!). After he left, Ken and I found one in the yard, went way back in the woods and smoked it ….choking, gagging and showing off. Saying to each other (hag, gag) how good they were! Idiots! He lost cigars at our place more than once. Same end result! Pretty funny.

(NOTE: To read some of Uncle Art & Dad’s bakery stories, go to the Clock Associates post in this blog.)


ARTHUR COLLINS & ELLEN COLLINS CLOCK ….ART & JUANITA COLLINS (his wife, my aunt & uncle) 1982, by their house in ??, California.


******************************* JAMES COLLINS. *********************************

JAMES COLLINS, LULA MAE COLLINS & YOUNG GENE COLLINS: January 1940. My Uncle, grandmother & cousin ….my mother, Ellen Clock’s brother, mother and nephew.



GENE COLLINS & PLAYMATE: Written on back, (probably by his mother, my Aunt Lucille, James’ wife), “Gene Collins – Patsy Hale, Dec 1939. See the smiling contest. To Mickey (my oldest brother, Mike Clock)”. Gene was the oldest of my Uncle James’ children.



JOYCE ANN COLLINS (James’ daughter, my cousin). Youngest child in Uncle James’ family. At Neskowin, on the Oregon Coast, fall of 1958. L to R: Ellen Clock (her aunt), Barry Clock, Charles Clock (her uncle), Ken Clock, Pat Clock, Joyce Collins.


***************************** MORE OF THE COLLINS’ ********************************

MOTHER AND DAUGHTER: Lula Mae Collins & Ellen Collins Clock (1960)



JAMES, ELLEN & ART …The Collins Kids ….brothers & sisters, my uncles & mother. (1964). At their Mother’s gravesite in California.



JAMES & LUCILLE COLLINS FAMILY + ELLEN CLOCK & ART COLLINS (1964): (L to R) James Collins, Joyce’s husband?, Gene Collins, Gene’s wife?, Ellen Collins Clock, Joyce Collins, Lucille Collins (my aunt, James’ wife). In front ….Art Collins w dog.









****************************** ELLEN COLLINS CLOCK ********************************

*NOTE: Most of Ellen Collins Clock’s photos & information is included with, her husband, Charles L Clock …elsewhere in this blog. And with her children and grandchildren. I think she’d like that.


MY GRANDMOTHER COLLINS’ HOMEMADE LEATHER BOOK OF POEMS. Given to my mother, Ellen Clock, which she read to us boys often when growing up. Her (and our) favorite poem below.






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