AS SWEET AS FLOWERS IN MAY: Charles and Ellen Clock (Before 1931 – Forever)

What message do you think I wrote on a greeting card to Julie, 41 years later, before we got married? You guessed it! …(see Barry & Julie Clock page)




PHOTO OF CHARLES & KU POSTCARD (front & back of card):



My parents, Charles Clock & Ellen Collins were married in Flagstaff, Arizona. No family style wedding for them. They eloped, left Oklahoma and drove out to Arizona. Why? I asked them when growing up. “Because they could” …is all I could figure out. They were both 21.
(Note: I can’t believe it! Look at them shoes of Dad’s.)





I always think of them …Mom loved flowers …and they were married in May, remember? And for lots of more important reasons.



COLLINS OR CLOCK? (mid-1930’s)
The top photo is of my mother, Ellen Clock …or is it still Collins? I’m guessing this photo was taken during the early 1930’s. They would have both still been in their 20’s. But I have no idea of the kind of car she is sitting on …that might have helped my guess. And no ring on her finger, as far as I can see (or is there one?) …so I’m guessing that she and Dad we not married yet. But maybe they didn’t exchange rings when they first married? I do know that Dad never wore a ring of any type the whole time I was around him.


The lower photo is of my dad, Charles Clock. Looks like it was taken at one of the many waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon. Maybe not too long after they married. Are those the same white shoes that he wore to their wedding in Flagstaff? He wouldn’t have bought 2 pairs of white shoes ….would he?



SAN DIEGO (1935)
This photo was taken in 1935, a year after Charles & Ellen Clock (my parents) were married …that May. See that ring on her finger?
And see all those palm trees? That ain’t Oklahoma, folks! Dad wrote on the back “San Diego-1935”.


Photo San Diego – 1935, Balboa Park





THE SALT FLATS, UTAH (mid-1930’s)



MAPLEWOOD POSTCARD & PHOTOS …of Dad conked out …and Mother & little Mike.



On the back of one, is written: “Ellen and her 1st palm tree at Needles, California”. The other one says, “Stealing roses, our first summer in Portland, Oregon”. Both comments obviously written by my dad.







Charles Lewis Clock and Cornelia Ellen Clock. Both born in 1913. Both grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Both attended the same high school. Both took some of the same classes together. They married in 1934, in Flagstaff, Arizona. They made their home on Ladd Hill near Newberg, Oregon in 1943, and lived there the rest of their lives. Ellen passed away in 1996 and Charles in 2001. They loved each other and their four boys. Charles Clock’s parents were Wilkie & Margaret Clock. Ellen Clock’s parents were Paul & Lula Mae Collins. (PLC)


PHOTO SEQUENCE: ELLEN & CHARLES (1960’s thru the 1990’s)









These 2 photos of my parents (Charles L Clock and Ellen Collins Clock) are probably from the late 1980’s. If so, they would be in their 70’s. Love the photo of the folks sitting on the tailgate of their pickup with Al Self …a close friend (the closest!), neighbor, and business partner. That is so like them …a tailgate! Perfect.




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Enough about me. More importantly, this blog is intended to be a gathering spot for all available materials relating to the Clock family, past, present & future interest of mine for many years.
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5 Responses to AS SWEET AS FLOWERS IN MAY: Charles and Ellen Clock (Before 1931 – Forever)

  1. Beautiful site. I am 99% sure that is my Great Great Grandpa Everett Hegwood in your pictures. What a fun surprise. I was looking for LAPD articles that he was featured in and this site popped up.

    • clockbear13 says:

      Hi. Thank you. Yes, my dad and Everett were best friends thru high school in Tulsa …and beyond. He visited our house in OR a couple of times when I was a boy and we went to his place in S Cal at least once. As I recall he had an avocado grove on his farm. Most of all I remember his sense of humor and the way he and my father would cut up and carry on when they were together. I grew up hearing many stories about Everett. My mom thought he was the greatest. Unfortunately, I no longer remember his wife’s name, but she was a funny too. My older brother worked on Everett’s fishing boat, commercial fishing for tuna one summer in CA.

      There is a photo of Everett in my blog in the Tulsa Central High section and in the Virg & Charlie section, too.
      Also, I have a great photo of Everett with my younger brother and I …showing us how to throw a lariat. If you want, I’ll try to find it and send it to you if you give me your email address. Mine is .

      Also, I’d love to hear what all you are doing with your LAPD project. My dad did talk to me about Everett in the LAPD …and how it changed him, to some degree.

    • clockbear13 says:

      One more thing, Everett gave me a huge bowie knife one time when he visited our place. I wore it at home on the farm for years …much to my mother’s irritation. I still have it.

      • Hello Barry,

        Thank you for the memories. I did confirm with my Aunt Norma his daughter that it is indeed Grandpa Everett. Thank you for sharing your memories it was a fun unexpected surprise.It is always nice to see new pictures. My name is Christine. I am Everett’s first Great Granddaughter. While he passed about 2 years before I was born. I lived with his wife my GG ( Margret) for several years in my formative years with her and my Mom in the house, he built in Yucaipa. She was from Scotland and by far my favorite family member, she lived until I was 18 and passed in 2003. So I heard some good stories about Grandpa Everett. I like ancestry and Grandpa Everett is really the only ancestor I don’t have a lot of information on besides he came from Tulsa.

        Anyway, this is what Norma said about your family: “Your great-grandfather was a very good friend of Charlie and Virgil both. Charlie came all the way from Oregon to say goodbye when my dad was dying. I still remember our family visit to their place in Oregon when my sisters and I were all young. I also remember Ray Hafford and Art Collins was another buddy and they were all friends forever. Charlie and Virgil came to California if I remember correctly, to play football for USC. They were really big guys!

        – Christine

        On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 10:54 PM, ClockFamilyHeritage wrote:

        > clockbear13 commented: “One more thing, Everett gave me a huge bowie knife > one time when he visited our place. I wore it at home on the farm for years > …much to my mother’s irritation. I still have it. -Barry” >

      • clockbear13 says:

        Hi Christine, Thanks for your reply and especially for talking to your aunt about the Clocks and Hegwoods. Art Collins was my uncle, Mom’s brother. The Collins’ lived in Tulsa as well. I often heard about Ray Hafford, but don’t know if I ever met him. Yep, Virg and my dad did go out to CA during the summer, while still in high school. They soon ran out of money, lied about their ages to join the Natl Guard and then went AWOL immediately with the signing bonus in their pockets. Soon they landed jobs as lifeguards near LA. They ride the rails (hopped freight trains) from OK to CA and back again. When he was older, my dad began working for a bakery equipment company and would hop a train to save money. Once after he was married, he was installing baking machinery in Salt Lake for several months and assumed that Mom & he would ride the rails back to OK. She flat out refused which shocked him, that was the last time he hopped a freight train. Everett, Art, Ray and Dad were pretty crazy back in the day, I gather. Made for some great stories though. And my grandpa was a MINISTER! ha I assume you got the photo of me w Everett & his lariat that I sent you in an email? Thanks so much for your correspondence. My pleasure. If you hear a really good old story about those guys, please pass it on. -Barry

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