VIRG and CHARLIE: Postcards, Photos and Stories (1925-2008)

4 POSTCARDS (1930-1932):

The two upper postcards were sent from Lawrence, KS, home of Kansas University …to Tulsa, OK (their home). Virgil Jonas Clock (my uncle) and Charles L Clock (were brothers and close friends) ….and Margaret M. Clock is their mother (my grandmother, Wilkie’s wife). The first postcard, to their mother, was written in 1930. The second postcard, between brothers, is hilarious. It was written in 1932. Below the postcard backs (with the text) are the two postcard fronts …scenes from the Kansas University campus.

Farther down this page are two other postcards that my dad (Charles) wrote home from KU, in October of 1932 …basically bragging about his grades, saying how tough his classes are …and most importantly, that he NEEDS MONEY! Pretty typical letter/phone call from college, back home (fill in any year). Timeless! My dad attended KU for 2+ years and Virgil attended Tulsa University …both played football.

(My thanks to my much younger cousin ….Greg Clock, Virgil & Rita Clock’s son. In 2009 he sent me these old postcards from my dad and his dad’s younger years.)





My Uncle Virgil J. Clock …Wilkie C. & Margaret M. Clock’s next to youngest son. Photo perhaps taken in the late 1920’s or early 1930’s.



Below the picture are a couple of my dad, Charles’, favorite tales about his younger brother, Virg. Dad was 2 years older. He always referred to him as “Virg”. In fact, I never heard him say “Virgil” in my life. I don’t recall if Virg called Dad, “Charlie”, but I assume so. The two tales are out of my booklet, “Mom and Dad: Charles & Ellen Clock” (1998). Virg and Dad were good buddies growing up and that continued through out life.

I have to add a brief story about them, that is not in the booklet. Right now. When the two of them were boys, their dad (Wilkie) was driving along and pulled over so the 3 of them could go to the bathroom. It was a wooden outhouse. Wilkie went first. Then Virg and Dad went inside together, next. (NEVER a good idea with young boys) They finished and walked out, but they must have taken a tad too long. Their dad went back inside the outhouse …and it was wet up to the rafters! The boys had had a contest to see who could pee the farthest up the wall! I assume they were in big trouble.





Long after the Pretty Boy Floyd episode happened (it really did, didn’t it?), Dad & Mom moved to Oregon and so did Virg and Rita. I think that Virg may have even lived with the folks out west, for a while, before he got married. Charles and Virg both worked in the shipyards around Portland during World War II. Virg & Rita and their kids, John, Linda and Greg lived around Lake Oswego, OR and Charlie & Ellen lived on Ladd Hill, OR.

The upper photo is of Virg, Everett Hegwood and Charlie. Everett was Dad’s best friend from high school days in Tulsa. I assume that he and Virg were friends too. Everett went on to live in the Los Angeles area, raised avacados and worked for LAPD. We saw him every once in a while …at our place or down in CA. I’ll never forget the time he put on a trick lariat twirling show for Ken & me, in our yard. Then he gave me a Bowie sized hunting knife that I wore around Ladd Hill for a while. Way cool! I would guess this picture was taken in the early 1940’s. Perhaps during their shipyard years, the first half of WWII.

The lower photo is of Uncle Virg & Dad, standing out by our well on Ladd Hill, OR. Taken during the early 1950’s, I’m pretty sure.





And of course, I have to mention …both Mom and Rita were pregnant at the same time in 1948. The due date for both was identical! So lots of talk went back and forth about who was going to deliver first. Well, we won! I was born on December 13th …and my much younger cousin, Greg, was born a few hours later on the 14th. Of course I have always considered myself much wiser than him …due to my age. Virg and Rita and their crew moved to Texas. And I only saw my uncle a few more times. He passed away in 1967, when he was only 51.

I did phone Rita about 2005 and chatted a while. Got one another laughing a bit. Then she said that I sounded just like my dad …I’ll never forget it! I liked that. Uncle Quentin died in 2004. Then Aunt Rita passed away also, in 2008 …that ended an entire era. But Greg and I do email frequently, see each other once in a while and call every now and then. Maybe talk a little baseball or football.


GREG & BARRY at Ladd Hill (1952)




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