MARY M. CLOCK (1909-1993) ….A note, a story and pictures

My Aunt Mary was the oldest daughter of Wilkie C. and Margaret M. Clock (my grandparents). She was the nicest person, very sharp, and dignified, with a keen sense of humor. She worked in the office of the president at Big Chief Oil Company in Oklahoma City for many years. When she visited us in Oregon, Aunt Mary always brought us kids green ball point pens and other items with Big Chief logos on them …very cool. She never married. That always interested me, because as far as I could tell, it was rather unusual for a woman not to be married during the 1950s, when I was a boy. “Old maid” and phrases like that, that you no longer hear. But of course I never asked her why.

One more thing I am curious about …where did her middle name, Munson, come from? It’s fairly easy to figure out where many of our relative’s given names came from. My dad’s middle name (Charles Lewis Clock) I would guess came from his grandmother’s maiden name, Margaret Lewis (Jacob Wilkie Clock’s wife). So, what’s in a name? Often a whole lot.


One fall, Aunt Mary stayed at our house on Ladd Hill …super bad timing on her part! It happened to be the same weekend we were picking the walnut orchard. Uh oh! It was around 1960 and I was about 11 or 12. Mom tried to give Aunt Mary a way out of picking, to stay at the house and make lunch for everyone, but Aunt Mary would have none of that. Dad found his big sister some old tattered work clothes and boots that were laying around the garage. She looked awful, and awfully funny, as she trudged down to the orchard with the rest of us, her boots flopping, carrying her bucket. I couldn’t believe my eyes, she looked so out of place. But she laughed it all off and decided to pick alongside me (probably figured she could at least keep up with me!). If you’ve never picked walnuts …well, they are way worse than prunes or filberts (hazel nuts), because you are bent over, crawling across the ground all day long, in November when it’s a much wetter and colder than in September, during filbert season. Plus, walnuts have a covering on the outside of the nut shell. On some nuts, the green covering cracks off clean, but more often, it has rotted into a green and black mush that has to be peeled and sort of squished off the nut. It’s a cold mush and it leaves a long lasting stain on your hands. In short …it sucked!

So Aunt Mary picked along, but she was a terrible walnut picker …and she actually got worse and worse as the morning went on! Finally about 10AM, she told me was heading to the house, to go to the bathroom …and that she would be right back. When Dad walked by my tree a little later, he asked me where my picking partner was. I told him what she told me …and that she would be right back. He just laughed and said, “Barry, I’ll bet you a dollar she’s not coming back.” I told him no way would my dear aunt bail out on me like that. But a couple of hours went by and she still wasn’t back! Hmmm. She got a little ribbing from me at lunch …but, boy, you should have heard Dad! He and Mary went back and forth, laughing the whole time. And from then on, Dad never passed up a chance to rib her about that day, whenever they got together in later years. Pretty funny stuff. That was my Aunt Mary!




She was 2 years old when this note about her being released from the hospital (below) was written. Makes you wonder why she was in there, huh?


GRADE SCHOOL REGISTRATION, COMMERCE, OKLAHOMA …for Mary & Paul.  (I have absolutely NO idea who Jud Clock is!!!)



Mike is the oldest son of Mary’s brother, Charles Clock.



PHOTO (1940’s)

My Aunt Mary, Wilkie C. & Margaret M. Clock’s oldest daughter. Perhaps taken in the 1940’s.

(Photo from Karon Clock Lemming’s booklet, “Our Ancestors”, 2012).



I thought this postcard from Ft Bliss, TX during WWII was worth posting. It’s both humorous and heartfelt. It sounds like the writer is VERY interested in my Aunt Mary!! That’s why I’m including it here. No, I am not familiar with J.B., but assume he was a neighbor in Tulsa. Says,”I will see you all after we win the war”. It was written to Margaret M Clock (my grandmother). Hope you can read it.


MARY with ANN (her sister Ruth’s daughter) and ….? Approx 1950.









AUNT MARY, AUNT ROAVENE & COUSIN JANE (Aunt Ruth’s daughter) in Oregon …(1990’s).



PHOTO (1990’s)

Great photo, captures Aunt Mary’s personality perfectly, taken by my dad (CLC). My mother, Ellen Clock, wrote on the back, “Mary Clock – here at our home after Chas & Ellen’s 50th anniversary at Newberg First Methodist Church, 1984”.





(*SEE: many other pages in this blog for more photos of Mary, under her 6 brothers & sisters, the reunions, etc)



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