GEORGE and ROAVENE CLOCK …(1902-1951) and (1904-1986)

Of course I don’t recall ever meeting my Uncle George. He died in 1951, when I was only 2 years old. I do remember us meeting up with my Aunt Roavene a few times. She was a tiny person and I thought that Roavene was the darnedest name I’d ever heard, when growing up. (Still do today, in fact!). And I understand that they were very nice people.
George Wilkie Clock was the only child born to Wilkie (my grandfather) and Mary Lane Goode Clock, in 1902, in Kansas. So he was 11 years older than my dad (Charles Lewis Clock). Mary died in 1905, at the age of only 28, when little George was only 3. So George was raised by Wilkie & Margaret Clock, my grandparents. In fact he went to Burma with them on their church mission. (SEE: Burma posting in this blog)

Roavene Youkey & George Clock were married in 1936. They never had children. Aunt Roavene passed away in 1986, 35 years after George.


BIRTH OF GEORGE:  (Still unnamed)



This 4 page letter was written by Grandma Goode to her little 7 year old grandson, my Uncle George (my dad’s half brother). My grandfather, Wilkie C Clock was first married to Mary Lane Goode …together they had George, in 1902. Mary passed away 3 years later, when she was 28. Wilkie then married Margaret McCullick and together they had 6 children, including my dad, Charles. Their oldest daughter they named Mary! Whew, that explains it!

It was addressed to: “Master George W. Clock, Orange County, NY”. From: “Frau(?) Mrs. Goode, Olathe, Kansas”, in 1909. It appears that the Goode family was fairly wealthy, from reading comments in other letters.

(page 1)



(page 2)



(page 3)



(page 4)


I am going to include a short biography and a few photos here of Uncle George & Aunt Roavene that I cropped from old pictures….at least til another Clock rounds up something different.

(Thanks to Karon Clock Lemming for all the materials below, they were borrowed from her book “Our Ancestors”, 2012)



George with his stepmother, Margaret M Clock, my grandmother. Taken around 1910.






PHOTO: George at his Dad’s (WCC) West Tulsa Methodist Church. About 1930.



PHOTO: Aunt Roavene at Charles & Ellen Clock’s place on Ladd Hill, OR …with Pat and Mike.  See, there is that “famous” well of ours that they are sitting on. ha. It must be in about a hundred of the photos that my folks took!  Taken during the later 1940’s?



Roavene and George. You know that they met in college and had a long courtship, because George could not find work. You know that Youkey, Roavene’s mother, moved West with them and never moved out of their house. I have a great letter that George wrote to Roavene right before they got married about, how long do you think that your mother will be staying with us. It is a kick. It is not something that George wanted.

George used to stutter, mom told us. He did not stutter when we knew him. He was the sweetest of the brothers. He had an enlarged heart. Because his grandparents (mother Mary’s) he was left an inheritance that he could have if he lived to the age of 21. I am thinking that from time to time the poor Clock family may have used some of that money to live on. This is just my opinion. Anyway George adored Roavene. They worked at the Goodwill in Tacoma. They were active in the Methodist Church.

They took Ann and I in when mom (Ruth Clock Elmer) was sick for years at Western State in Tacoma. Dad stayed in Seattle and worked at Boeing and came to visit mom and us on the weekends, in Tacoma. Roavene had a couple of service men that came for Sunday dinners when we lived there. One was Ted Bundy’s, eventually stepfather. Mr. Bundy remained Roavene’s friend until her death. I still send Mrs. Bundy a Christmas card. And Roavene wanted to adopt us and mom got better and we moved back to Seattle, but had to share every holiday with Roavene and George. My mother stopped traveling outside of Seattle, when she was released from the hospital. Maybe she was afraid that she would be taken back there. Years later she starting traveling again. Youkey did not like me much because I wet the bed the whole time that I was at Roavene’s and she had to change the sheets.

I was told by Roavene that when George’s mother (Mary Goode Clock) was ill in the hospital, Margaret (our grandmother) was the nurse that took care of her. George was just a little bot at the time. Mary knew that she was dying and asked Margaret to look after Wilkie and George? Maybe a true story. They (Wilkie & Margaret) did get married!

This is about what I know about Roavene and George.


(Jane is my cousin, daughter of Ruth, my dad’s sister)


PHOTO: My mother, Ellen Clock, wrote on the back, “Our Roavene, 1981, Clock farmhouse – Ladd Hill”.



PHOTO: Ellen Clock, Jane Elmer (my cousin, Ruth Clock Elmer’s youngest daughter), Roavene & Julie Clock (Barry Clock’s wife) …at Ladd Hill, OR. (late 1970’s)



PHOTO: Roavene, Ellen Clock, Jane Elmer (late 1970’s)






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