HEADING OUT FOR OKLAHOMA: “In The Mud …”, by Aunt Mary M. Clock (1917)

This 5 page story was written by my Aunt Mary about Reverend Wilkie & Margaret M. Clock’s family (her parents/my grandparents) move from Eau Galle, WI to Commerce, OK in 1917. On their way to a new church assignment in Commerce, Oklahoma. From reading her account, it appears that young Mary thought that Oklahoma was a huge step down the ladder from Wisconsin! The next year my grandfather was transferred to the West Tulsa Methodist Church, where he remained the minister for the rest of his life. Mary Munson Clock was my Dad’s (Charles L. Clock) oldest sister.

I guess this is the perfect place for me to add one of my dad’s best one liners. Since it kinda fits in with my Aunt Mary’s feelings about arriving in Oklahoma. I was about 19 yeas old and planning to drive back to the Midwest and see all of the relatives that I had heard about and not met …and the ones I had. A few weeks before I was going to head out in my old pickup truck, Dad said to me, “Well, Barry, you know there are only two times of the year when it’s nice in Oklahoma …about 3 days in May and a day or two in the fall.” Pretty funny. Anyway, I didn’t go …camped, hiked and fished in OR, ID & WA instead. In fact I’ve still never been back that way!

The photo at the bottom is of my Aunt Mary, taken in Wisconsin a year or so before the family made the move to Oklahoma. See any mischief in her eyes?
The photo beneath hers is of my dad (Charles), he was only 4 years old …just along for the ride!

(pg 1)

(pg 2)


(pg 3)


(pg 4)


(pg 5)



Oklahoma Map



Mary (my aunt)



Charles (my dad)




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