BURMA MISSION: Letter to Wilkie and Margaret …from his Mother (1907)

This letter is one of the family treasures. I believe it is the only one that still exists from the time my grandparents went on their Burma mission for the church. It is a 6 page letter from Margaret Ann Clock (my great grandmother, JWC’s 3rd wife, he was widowed twice) in Kansas ….to her son, Wilkie Clyde Clock and his wife, Margaret M. Clock (my grandparents), in Burma. A pretty remarkable thing to do over 100 years ago. It is 1907 and my grandparents, Wilkie & Margaret, have just arrived in Burma, on a church mission. During the voyage across the Pacific, Margaret fell on board the ship, badly injuring herself. They also took along their son, George (her stepson actually, Wilkie’s first wife, Mary Goode, died when she was 27). George was just 5 years old …living half way around the world.

This letter is rather difficult to read, since Margaret Ann wrote on both sides of the sheets of paper, so her fountain pen ink bled through. The first 4 pages are to her son and the last 2 are to his wife. But it is well worth the effort to read it. She is practically frantic to know how her son, his wife and her grandson are doing in Burma. She did receive a letter (that took more than a month to reach her) from them a couple of days before writing this one.

My great grandmother was a widow at this point in her life, her husband, Jacob Wilkie Clock had passed away more than 20 years before. She was in her 70’s when she wrote this letter, living in Topeka.

Wilkie, Margaret & little George returned home, not long after this, to get proper medical care for Margaret. She recovered and went on to have 6 children (Charles, my dad, was her 4th). My dad mentioned his folk’s remarkable Burma trip a number of times to me when I was growing up.

So continues the story of the traveling Clocks. When I was younger my mother (Ellen Clock) often called me her “gypsy son”. But she travelled a great deal herself, as did the rest of us. You should have seen my dad …OMG!! And my son, Kevin, just might outdo us all.

**********************************TO WILKIE**********************************

(pg 1)

(pg 2)

(pg 3)

(pg 4)

******************************TO MARGARET*******************************

(pg 5)

(pg 6)

Burma Map:




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