This photo of Margaret Ann Lewis Powell Clock (my great grandmother) was perhaps taken during the 1890’s. She was Jacob Wilkie Clock’s wife. He was widowed twice before marrying Margaret and she was widowed once (Charles Powell, having 2 children with him) before marrying Jacob. Then she was widowed again, outliving JWC by over 30 years. Margaret Ann lived with her son’s family (Wilkie & Margaret M Clock, my grandparents) for a while and with other relatives (her brother Tom, for instance) as well, at times. She passed away when my father (Charles) was just 3 years old.

She is the woman that SO MANY of the letters (in this blog) were written to …and came from. Now that you have read them ….You know her!

Beneath the photograph is her obituary in 1916, from a Methodist Church publication.

NOTE: The 2 Margarets are close together in terms of years and location, with the same last name and rarely using their middle initial while writing letters back and forth. In fact the Clock men in our lineage married 3 Margarets ….IN A ROW!! (Abraham, Jacob and Wilkie) Be careful, it does get confusing. In fact I just put the Biography of Margaret M Clock beneath this photo of Margaret A Clock …then had to delete it!






Thomas Quinlan and Anna Juliet Quinlan were the son-in-law and grand daughter of James Lewis, Margaret Ann Lewis Powell Clock’s father. Anna was born in 1876. The wording on the back of the picture, which is included, reads:
“Pictures; Thomas B. Quinlan; Anna Juliet Quinlan; Anna Juliet Quinlan is my grand daughter; James Lewis (written by him); Shellsburg, Iowa“. This post has been placed in the category Jacob W Clock since Margaret was his wife.

Patrick Clock 01.03.2012



James Lewis and Magdalene Meyers parents of Margaret Ann Lewis Powell Clock. They were married in Old St George Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia, PA on 31 Aug 1832.

(from Karon Clock Lemming)


I assume this letter was written to my great grandmother, Jacob Wilkie’s wife. Mostly because the letter is about a Powell, and Margaret Ann Lewis (Clock) was first married to a Powell. Had it not been a humorous note, I wouldn’t have included it in this blog.





My great grandmother’s, (Margaret A.) maiden name was Lewis. She married Charles Powell, in 1856, who died in 1861. She had 2 children with Powell: Mary Powell Wilson and Lewis “Lew” Powell.
In 1864 she married Jacob W Clock. She was 23 years younger than he was. So she was Margaret Ann Lewis Powell Clock now. After the death of Jacob Clock in 1886 she moved to Topeka, KS. Margaret outlived her husband by 30 years. She and her son by marriage to JWC, Wilkie Clyde Clock, became members of Kansas Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church in Topeka. A 2011 google picture of the Kansas Avenue Methodist Church can be seen above in this post. The Church membership roster is below in this post.

My father, Charles Clock, recalled going to the funeral for his grandmother, Margaret A. Clock. He would have been a little over 3 years old.

Patrick Clock 12.27.2011


CHURCH MEMBERSHIP ROSTER (Margaret & her son, Wilkie):

RUBBING FROM THE GRAVESTONES of my great grandparents, in Kansas.



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