JWC: Farther and Farther West …all the places he lived

Jacob Wilkie Clock was constantly on the move, further and further west each time he moved.  From his birth in New York City to Kansas eventually …with many, many stops in between.  I’m not sure how many of those places involved the Methodist Church moving him …and how many of those moves were just because he was a wanderer.  Reading his “Autobiography”, even at as a young man he sure got around and commented how strange it was that many people, when he was visited relatives in Darien, CT ….had never even been to nearby NYC.  

And he was a circuit preacher in his early years, which involved constant rounds to the various communities in his district.  On the move. To marry and bury, etc all those in each town, until he returned next.  He was rather famous for reading books while riding along on his horse.  Kind of like texting while driving today, only way more challenging.  JWC was my great grandfather.

He also lived in: Ithaca, NY; Parkman, OH; Baldwin City, KS; Centropolis, KS and Clinton, KS.  Whew, I think that’s all of them!



1811 – New York City, NY

1816 – Stamford, CT

1821 – Danby, NY

Ithaca, NY

1830? – Albion, NY

1836 – Montville, OH

Parkman, OH

1858 – Rome City, IN

1864 – Belle Plaine, IO

Baldwin City, KS

Centropolis, KS

Clinton, KS

1869 – St Mary’s, KS 











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Enough about me. More importantly, this blog is intended to be a gathering spot for all available materials relating to the Clock family, past, present & future ....an interest of mine for many years.
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One Response to JWC: Farther and Farther West …all the places he lived

  1. Must be why our bones love to wander as well. I know he had more specific reasons for his travels, we just love to go/see/do. Thanks for sharing!

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