BOOK: “The Autobiography of Jacob Wilkie Clock”

This autobiography of JWC (my great grandfather) covers much of his life …from his youthful years in New York City, then to upstate NY, Ohio, Indiana, on to Iowa ….and when he was an older man, living out in Kansas.  But there are some fairly large gaps in the years as well.
Should you want a copy from the Methodist Church Archives, the contact information is at the end of this section on the autobiography.
I chose to use this passage (see below) as the introduction, since it explains why JWC (my great great grandfather) wrote this autobiography …and also why he wrote such an incredible amount during his entire life. Plus this introduction mentions my grandfather (Wilkie Clyde Clock) as well, so I couldn’t resist. The passage is actually taken from near the end of the autobiography. I debated it, but decided to only put the first chapter of it in this blog, for the sake of being concise. But I would highly recommend reading the entire booklet, it is fascinating, insightful and often humorous. What a guy!

On a personal note ….It also, for the first time in my life, helped me understand why I write so much. Why I’ve always written so much, just like he did. It was always like something that drove me on. Almost like it was out of my control, pushing me on and on …ever since I was a boy of 12, filling out the diary on Ladd Hill, that my dad gave me in 1961. Then the next year he gave me another, and then another. Since then I have written books, travel journals, booklets, gathered collections of quotes and written countless letters & emails. Thousands and thousands of pages altogether. (Yes, I’ve kept them all.) I always enjoyed it, and for some reason, never saw it as a task. Now, at 62, I finally understand why I am like that. My great grandfather just said it …in this passage ….EXACTLY!!!


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Jacob Wilkie Clock’s “Autobiography” is full of both serious and humorous recollections …important and not so important. It is well worth the read. Coupled with reading his “Diaries”, you can not help but know this man, my great grandfather. Many of his traits you can see in members of the Clock family to this day. All of us have contributed to what it means to be a Clock, but in my opinion ….none so much as him.

(His “Autobiography” is on file at the United Methodist Church Archives, PO Box 127, Madison, NJ. 07940 and they will make reprints for sale.  I hope “The Church” doesn’t get all mad about me borrowing back my great grandfathers’s life story to use in this blog, for all of us to see!



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Enough about me. More importantly, this blog is intended to be a gathering spot for all available materials relating to the Clock family, past, present & future interest of mine for many years.
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2 Responses to BOOK: “The Autobiography of Jacob Wilkie Clock”

  1. Geri Hubbard says:


    When I read the name “Rufus Weed” in your ancestors’ story……I had an immediate connection….see below:

    Weed Cemetery #2 – 405-19
    At the southwest end of Weed’s Landing, (near the Darien YMCA),
    off the Post Road, on the shore of Holly Pond
    Copied by Wm. J. Banks & W. D. Byrnes, Dec. 14, 1934.
    Condition: (2007) Fair—some stones still legible, but many are not
    Digital Photographs of these stones are available at no charge.
    9571 Weed, Alvah, 3rd son of Rufus & Phebe Clock Weed, born July 28, 1841, died Sept. 13, 1912.
    9572 Weed, Henry Frank, died Nov. 15, 1905. [son of Rufus Weed & Phebe Clock]
    9573 Weed, Phebe Clock, wife of Rufus, died Apr. 10, 1867, age 62 yrs. 5 mos. [possibly daughter of Henry Clock& Hannah Waring]
    9574 Weed, Rufus, died May 30, 1883, age 81 yrs. 2 mos. 23 days. [son of Benjamin Weed& Mary Waterbury]
    9575 Weed, John, 2nd son of Rufus & Phebe Clock Weed, born Jan. 27, 1839, died Dec. 19, 1905.
    9576 Clock, Darius, born July 7, 1808, died May 10, 1891. [son of Henry Clock & Hannah Waring]
    9577 Clock, Mary Weed, wife of Darius, born Apr. 13, 1835, died July 21, 1899. [daughter of Rufus
    Weed & Phebe Clock]

    Best, Geri Hubbard

    • clockbear13 says:

      Hi Geri,
      I have recently found out quite a bit more about the Clocks of Connecticut. My branch was only there in the Darien area of CT for approx 35 years ….John and Jacob …then those Clocks on my side moved back to NY. I just added a new blog post titled “All the Clocks of Connecticut” …that briefly looks into the various Clocks that lived there thru the years …over 70 of them are buried in a single cemetery. And included photos that are evidence of the large number of Clocks that lived there …and their impact on Darien then, as well as today.
      Oddly enough, after 100+ years there appear to be no Clocks living in SW CT today. The fellow at the Darien Hist Museum is a great source and also a fun person to work with …Ken Reiss.
      Have you found out anything new recently?

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