#11 – ABRAHAM CLOCK (1783-1857)

Abraham Clock was my great, great grandfather …Jacob W. Clock’s dad. In April 2017 Judy Dixon from Illinois discovered this 1804 proof of citizenship document for Abraham ….in her home and sent it to me. AMAZING!  Thanks so much Judy & Gwen.   IT’S PRICELESS!


******************************** ABRAHAM CLOCK ***********************************

Abraham Clock is my gt gt grandfather and his son was Jacob Wilkie Clock (JWC).  The upper part of this post on Abraham Clock includes:

1.-A Biographical Sketch (3 pages) of Abraham Clock* (1783-1857).  Done by Ruth Pickard in the 1990’s.

2.-A Biographical Sketch (1 page) of Margaret Dodge Clock* (1787-1814), his first wife. Together they had 5 children, including JWC. She died when she was 27 and little Jacob was only 3. Abraham remarried, Sarah Wamsley, and they had 5 children together.

(*NOTE: There are 2 Abrahams in our lineage & 3 Margarets in a ROW!!  It can be confusing …so don’t get bucked off, pardner.)

3.-Three photos of Abraham & Margaret Clock’s silver wedding spoon (with a copy of the original tag), provided by Ruth Pickard of Morgantown, Indiana, and kindly shared with the Charles Clock Family. Ruth is a descendant of Caroline Clock (Clough), Jacob W Clock’s (my great grandfather) sister. Caroline was the oldest child in the family of Abraham & Margaret Clock …which might explain why Ruth, out of all JWC’s descendants, has the spoon today.





THIS SPOON is undoubtably one of the two most impressive surviving items in the heritage of the Clock family.  Incredible that it’s still around today ….over 200 YEARS LATER!  Abraham gave it as a wedding present to his wife Margaret in 1806, in NYC …made out of Spanish silver dollars and engraved with their initials in cursive “AMC”.  As well as the name of the jeweler in NYC that made it ….”J Boutier”, on the back side.

There was a tag attached to the spoon with these words: “(Original tag from the Clock spoon): This spoon was made to order from Spanish silver dollars for Abraham Clock, in New York City, in the year 1806.  Belongs to Mrs A.H. Powers.  Grandfather and grandmother of Mrs HA Powers on mother’s side …Abraham and Margaret Clock 1806”.  

Added later:  “The spoon now in the possession of the applicant Ruth Gormley Pickard, is engraved AMC.  Was  probably made at the time of their marriage.”  

Ruth passed away in about 2013.  She was an outstanding researcher and voice of the family past.  Much of the work she did was done the hard way …before the use of computers and computerized records.  I’ve never found her to make a mistake, even once!  She lived in Indiana ….unfortunately we never met, but we did communicate, off and on, in the 1980’s.  Her son, Hank, sent the photos to me.

“These large handled bowls were used as ceremonial bowls and were filled with brandy and raisins on special occasions. The Dutch custom was that each guest had a silver spoon and helped himself to the liquor and then passed the bowl on to the next person. It is this social custom which explains why in America ceremonial spoons were made in New York, for weddings, christenings and funerals, following closely Dutch examples of the mid-seventeenth century.”

Martha Gandy Fales’ book, Early American Silver, (New York, E. P. Dutton & Co., 1973)


Signed by NYC Mayor DeWitt …also NY Gov, US Senator. Opponent of Van Buren & Hamilton. Saw the Erie Canal project through from start to finish.


WHY THE CITIZENSHIP DOCUMENT WAS NEEDED BY ABRAHAM CLOCK?  (above)   Some possibilities from the New York City Library Manuscripts & Documents Dept.

*So, it seems most likely that Abraham needed this document to vote, since voting law had just changed in NY that year, 1804.  And he was 21 years old.  Makes sense.  But …how many of these documents would Mayor Clinton have had to do that year?  Hundreds?  Thousands?  Still kinda puzzling, huh?


ABRAHAM CLOCK: 1810 CENSUS ….his name is on the bottom. Living in NYC, NY at that time and 26 years old.  (Abraham Clock is my gt gt grandfather.)


ABRAHAM CLOCK: 1850 CENSUS RECORDS …and TOMBSTONE INSCRIPTIONS for Abraham & his wife Sarah …and 2 of their children, Sarah & William ….and 1 grandson, William.


ABRAHAM CLOCK FAMILY TREE  (my great great grandpa).  Abraham was father of Jacob Wilkie Clock, grandfather of Wilkie Clyde Clock, great grandfather of Charles Lewis Clock, great great grandfather of Barry Mark Clock, great great great grandfather of Kevin Charles Clock.  And so on.



GRAVES OF ABRAHAM and SARAH WAMSLEY CLOCK …Caroline, Tompkins Co, Upstate NY




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