JACOB CLOCK (1738-1811)

JACOB CLOCK was my gt gt gt (x3) grandfather.  Born in Stamford, Connecticut colony.  Actually he probably lived in Noroton.  Long story.  But Noroton was absorbed into Stamford for a while, then absorbed into Darien …where it remains today.  And just to add to the confusion, originally the community was called Middlesex.  Later on in life, before the Revolutionary War began in 1776, he moved just across the line to North Castle, NY.  Jacob’s son was Abraham, my gt gt grandfather and he was born in North Castle, NY in 1783.



IN THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR ….”Jacob Clock was a Revolutionary War soldier (Daughters of the American Revolution …DAR #A066096). As a private in the NY militia under Colonel Thomas.”

ABOVE: Proof from the DAR that Jacob Clock served in the Revolutionary War, in NY. Caroline Clock, was the eldest daughter of Abraham & Margaret Clock (1st wife) ….also JWC’s older sister. Caroline’s branch of the Clock family (the Clough’s) today has the silver AMC wedding spoon. The Isabella mentioned above was Caroline Clock Clough’s daughter …and so, she was JWC’s niece. *The term “LEVIES” (above) generally refers to those drafted to serve in the NY state militia during the Revolutionary War.

BELOW:  Is this our Jacob? I have no idea, but I have my doubts …never known him to use a middle initial. And as far as I know, I don’t think he even had a middle name. If he did, I’ve never seen it anywhere. Middle names are a more recent thing, other than the early Dutch simply using their father’s first name with “sen” or “szen” attached at the end. Such as the original person in our family to come to the New World …Abraham Martenszen Clock. His father was certainly Marten.  So perhaps after all, the J initial on the document below, was for Jacob’s father, John???



Probably living in North Castle, NY ….close to the Connecticut state line and Darien, where many other Clock relatives lived.  His name is 7th from the bottom.  Jacob was 72 years old at the time and died the next year.

His son, Abraham was living in NYC at the time of the 1810 census.






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