A large number of Clocks once lived in SW Connecticut …dozens and dozens …at least 73 are known to be buried there. All were close relatives of our family …brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts and cousins.  John Clock, from our direct branch of the family, is buried somewhere in Noroton.  But I could not locate exactly where …probably in a small Clock family cemetery that is now long gone. Quite typical for old family cemeteries that were on private property …once it sold, the new owners didn’t want a cemetery right next to their house.  John moved to Connecticut colony, from NYC in 1725 and married Deborah Scofield, from one of the prominent families in town. His son Jacob was born there, but later he moved to NY. So our branch of the Clocks only lived in CT for 35 years or so. After searching in 2017, it appears there there are no Clocks at all still living in the Darien, CT area …or even in Fairfield County.  Surprising, considering how many Clocks lived there for 125+ years.  

Actually the Clocks lived in Noroton, which was originally called Middlesex. Then Noroton was absorbed into Stamford and finally into Darien now. Numerous generations of Clocks lived in this community after leaving NYC. Our branch of the family lived in CT for just two generations, …John and Jacob. Then Abraham’s dad, Jacob, took his family just across the state line to North Castle, NY ….in the late 1700’s. Abraham was born in North Castle in 1783.  

The rest of the Clock families remained in Connecticut. There are many places in Darien, today, named after the Clock family. A landing, two historic houses, a hill, a lane, a condominium complex, a street and many headstones in the cemeteries (especially River Cemetery). Today, Darien is one of the wealthiest towns in America. As a number of financial institutions, rather recently, moved into town from NYC.


(New condos on “our hill”!

(*Note …the mill in the town seal was once owned by the Clocks.  They also owned a large tannery in town …the ledger still exists at the Darien Historical Museum …ask Ken Reiss there.  The Clocks did leather working …shoes, etc, for several generations.)

(Clock family members buried in River Cemetery, Noroton/Darien, CT)

((Plaque where the Clock grist mill was located …at Clock’s Landing.  Darien, CT)

(The old Clock-Turner House)

(Clocks Lane, Darien, CT …2017.  Look at the size of those new houses/mansions!)

(Clock-Bruggerhof old house & barn …on the property of the Noroton Presbyterian Church, Darien, CT. Both are still in use by the church. Photos by Rosemary Mace, church member, 2017 …thanks so much!)



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