ALBERTUS KLOCK (1660-1725)

Albertus Klock is my gt (x5) grandfather.  He was the youngest of Abraham & Tryntie Klock’s 4 children …Sarah, Tryntie, Marten & then Albertus.  Spent his entire life in New Amsterdam/New York City and saw the permanent switch from Dutch to British rule in 1674.




**************************************MARTEN **************************************
Name: Marten Abrahamszen KLOCK.  Given Name: Marten Abrahamszen

Birth: 1656.  Christening: 10 Sep 1656 New Amsterdam, New Netherland

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Note:  He was a merchant and Assistant Alderman from the Out Ward, 1695-97, and Alderman, 1698 to 1701 in New York. They had no children baptized in the Dutch Church in New York.

Father: Abraham CLOCK b: 1625.  Mother: Tryntje “Catherine” ALBERTS b: 1629

Marriage …Elizabeth VAN DER HEUL (b: Aug 1660 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland c: 15 Aug 1660 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland.)  Married: 16 May 1682 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland.


Name:  Albert KLOCK/CLOCK.  Given Name: Albertus

Birth: 26 Sep 1660 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland.  Christening: 26 Sep 1660 New Amsterdam, New Netherland.  (In those days, birth dates were often not recorded, since children were born at home ….but christenings were recorded.  So frequently the same date is used for both events.)

Death: 15 Feb 1725/26 in New York, NY

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Note:  He was captain of the sloop “Elizabeth”, and commissioned by Leisler, July 3, 1690, to act against the French.  His will was made 1 Oct 1719; probated 15 Feb 1726.   Albert(us) was a tanner and maker of leather goods.

Father: Abraham CLOCK b: 1625  Mother: Tryntje “Catherine” ALBERTS b: 1629

Marriage …Tryntie VAN DER HEUL (b: Mar 1661/62 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland c: 19 Mar 1661/62 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland)
Married: 17 Jun 1685 in New York, America   *NOTE: Albert(us)’ brother …Marten Abrahamszen Clock/Klock married Tryntie Abrahams Van der Heul’s sister …Elizabeth Van der Heul.  So BOTH Klock brothers married the 2 Van der Heul sisters!!!

Abraham CLOCK c: 28 Nov 1686 in New York, NY
Abraham CLOCK c: 18 Jan 1687/88 in New York, NY (It was very common, if a child died young …to give the next child the same name.  That appears to be what happened here.  Also, the oldest boy was often named after his grandfather.

Tryntie CLOCK c: 19 Oct 1690 in New York, NY.  (Often the oldest girl was named after her grandmother.)

Marten CLOCK c: 7 May 1693 in New York, NY

Johannes (John) CLOCK c: 2 Feb 1695/96 in New York, NY ….My great x4 grandfather.

Sara CLOCK c: 20 Nov 1698 in New York, NY

Albartus CLOCK c: 16 Feb 1700/01 in New York, NY

Pieternella CLOCK c: 8 Dec 1703 in New York, NY

Femmetje CLOCK



THE VAN DER HEUL SISTERS …Tryntje & Elizabeth, both married the Klock brothers …Marten & Albertus:



ALBERTUS KLOCK HOUSE.  This map appears to be an artistic version of the Castillo Map of 1660. The Klock places are on the right hand end of the section labeled “P” (there are 2 of them, the P section on the RIGHT, not left). Their house numbers are #9 and #11. 

#9 – Abraham Martenszen Klock’s house.  #11 – his son, Albertus Klock’s house.






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