It’s surprising to me how much is known about Abraham …the first of our Clock ancestors in the New World …nearly 400 years ago.  Many records from the New Amsterdam (NYC today), New Netherland colony, show: exactly where he lived, what he did for a living, about his children, a bit about his wife, his church records and what he believed about some of the important issues of the time.  

But a great deal of very basic information about Abraham is still unknown.  It is only assumed he was born back in The Netherlands.  Was he?   If so, what year?  Where?  When did he arrive in the New World?  What ship did he arrive on?  What about his other family members, did any of them come too?  Did he ever live in Fort Orange, New Netherlands (Albany, NY today) as one or two sources suggest?  What was his wife’s last name, most show it as Alberts, a few show it as Postus?  Was she born in the New World (most sources suggest she was) or back in Holland?  When and where was his/her death?  Where is he/she buried?  

*NOTE:  A most of information on exactly where Abraham and Tryntie Klock lived in New Amsterdam …is contained in the post just before this one …titled “THE CLOCKS/KLOCKS OF NEW AMSTERDAM”.


FAMILY TREE IN AMERICA:   Abraham Martenszen Klock is my gt gt gt gt gt gt (x6) grandfather. And Tryntie Alberts Klock is my great x6 grandmother.











ABRAHAM M. KLOCK: THE 1655 COMPTROLLER OF THE NEW AMSTERDAM WINDMILL (used for grinding all the town’s flour …for the citizens, as well those employed by the Dutch West India Company.  Yes, that WAS a big deal!  At times there were also windmills used to power local saw mills.)


A BOOK: “HEROES OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION & THEIR DESCENDANTS”, mentions the Klocks/Clocks numerous times.
The book’s subtitle is, “The Battle of Long Island”. Written by H. Whittemore in 1897. The Clocks are mentioned several times in his book and it brings up some interesting information.. His book was also used by Karon Clock Lemming in her research.
-“The earliest record of the Clock family in New Amsterdam …Peter Clock purchased a lot on the highway near the garden of J. Damen on the island of Manhattan. This is an old Holland name, originally spelled Klock. They belong to a distinguished family of Holland.”
-“Abraham Martensen Clock, probably a brother or son of Peter, was one of the early proprietors of New Amsterdam. …Dutch records in Albany, August 11, 1655 ….Order granting Abraham Clock, miller, a building lot on Manhattan Island. He soon acquired further property, petition for grant of a piece of land in front of his house, across the Here weigh (highway), New Amsterdam.”
-“The name of A.M. Clock appears on an old map of New Amsterdam, the location being Hanover Square, the tradition being that this name was given to it by the family.”
-“Cornelis Clock was one of the early surgeons of New Amsterdam. Recorded in the Council Minutes of October 24, 1656, ‘Bill of Cornelis Clock for bleeding, purging, etc divers sick soldiers on board the “Guilded Otter”, with request for payment’.”
-“Pilgrim Clock …Oct 31, 1636 was one of the notaries of New Amsterdam. his name appears on the list of Great and Small Burghers of N Amsterdam, April 18, 1657; also that of Abraham Martensen Clock.”  

-“Records of the old Dutch Church, May 6, 1682 — notice of marriage of Martin Abrahamzen Clock to Lysbeth Van Der Heul. Also on pg 57, that of Albert(us) Clock to Tryntje Van Der Heul, 1685.”

-“The tradition is that two or three of the brothers returned to Holland and the others remained here.”
-“John Clock appears in Stamford, Connecticut records, probably the son of Albertus & Tryntje Clock. Supported by the fact that his oldest son was named Albert. John Clock was admitted an inhabitant of Stamford, March 21, 1725. Children: Catherine (1725), Deborah (married Nathan Weed), Albert, Sarah, Jacob, Peter and Jonathan.”

(*I would add that some of the information in this book should be taken with a grain of salt. The author speculates as to the relationships, especially regarding the early Clock “brothers” of New Amsterdam …Peter, Abraham M., Cornelis & Pilgrim. Although I have seen all those Clock names in New Amsterdam before, I have never seen a connection between them. But much of the rest of his information appears correct, and the author has done most of his research in fine fashion. So he may well be correct. I really can’t say. The problem is that no one, to my knowledge, has made the connection between the Clocks in the New World and the Clocks/Klocks back in The Netherlands. For example, no one knows Abraham Martensen Clock’s (the first Clock in the New World, apparently): parents names, the ship’s named he arrived on, year of arrival, his sibling’s names nor his hometown in Holland. And I’m just dying to know! That will open up so much information on the Clocks.)         -BMC



A BOOK:  “HISTORY OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK” by David Valetine.  It includes brief records of Abraham Martensen Clock and his wife, Tryntje, in New Amsterdam (New York City). Sometimes their last name is spelled Klock:
-“February 21, 1642, Contract. Peter Cornelissen and Abraham Clock to build a house for Abraham Winkelman.”
-The Dutch Reformed Church in New Amsterdam records Tryntje Alberts Clock as the mother during some of the baptisms of their children. But her maiden name varies from baptism to baptism. Her maiden name may well have been Tryntje Alberts Potholf.

-“Abraham Clock was a carpenter and also a mason by trade.” (1646)

-“Work on the house of Adriaen van der Donck on Castle Island, which burned down in January 1646.”

-“Shortly after the British conquest (in the later 1600’s) a census (enumeration) of the inhabitants of New York City (the new British name for the old Dutch town) was taken and Abraham Martensen Clock was included, living on Hoogh Street/High Street.”

-Some unconfirmed sources suggest Abraham & Tryntje were married in 1650.

*For more on this era of the earliest Clock family in the New World, (the mid-1600’s) see the post just before this one, titled “THE CLOCKS/KLOCKS OF NEW AMSTERDAM”.


AN EARLY ACCOUNT OF THE KLOCKS OF NEW AMSTERDAM:  Most parts of the account are accurate, but a few are suspect.



Abraham Martenszen Klock was one of the 93 men in New Amsterdam, 1664 …that signed the petition to Stuyvesant …saying it was hopeless to fight the much larger British force sitting out in the harbor.  *Note the date on the title above should read 1664 …NOT 1665.




🇬🇧 New York Oaths, 1664. 🇬🇧

(Document of the Dutch who swore Allegiance soon after the surrender of New York to the British.)

A Catalogue Alphabeticall of the Names of such Inhabitants of New Yorke &ca. as tooke the Oath to bee true subjects, to His Majestie, October the 21st, 22nd, 24th and 26th dayes 1664.
I sweare by the name of Almighty God, that I will bee a true subject, to the King of Great Brittaine, and will obey all such commands, as I shall receive from His Majestie, His Royall Highnesse James Duke of Yorke, and such Governors and Officers, as from time to time are appointed over me, by His authority, and none other, whilst I live in any of his Majesties territoryes; So Helpe Me God.

Arianzen, Jan

Andrizen, Andries

Adamzen, Abraham

Abrahamzen, Izaac

Arenzen, Frederic

Andriezen, Paulus

Adamzen, Jan

Andriezen, Ariaan

Albertzen, Egbert (van Amsterdam)

Barentzen van der Kuyl, Cornelius

Bartelzen, Jonas

Beeckman, Joghim

Blanck, Jurien

Backer, Reinier Willemzen

Barrenzen, Meindert

Baremzen, Simon

Beakman, William (of Esopies)

Cousseau, Jacques

Claerhoudt, Walraven

Clock, Abraham

*Historical note: The Dutch did recapture NYC/New Amsterdam/New Netherland from the British briefly …only to lose it for good in 1674.



NEW AMSTERDAM 1662:  Note: Tryntje Clock’s name is on a piece of property & house at the right, center of the map. On the banks of the East River.  Near the S. Battery.  

I have my doubts that the date on this map is correct, Abraham was certainly alive at this point since his name appears in the 2 documents concerning the British capture of New Amsterdam, above….so why is his widow/wife’s name on the property and not his?  Yes Tryntje did outlive Abraham and clearly owned the house in the 1670’s.  So I’m guessing this map was made in the 1670’s, then misdated.

ABRAHAM & TRYNTIE HOUSE …was 2/3 of the way up towards the Wall, on the right hand (east) side of Manhattan Island.

SKETCH OF NEW AMSTERDAM from the East River. Abraham M. Klock’s house was just off the sketch, to the right.

LOCATION TODAY.  The Klock house was on the banks of the East River.  Note all the land fill since ….now has their property 2 blocks away from the river.

TWO PHOTOS:  Hanover Square photos by Matthias Clock, NYC, 2013.  Abraham & Tryntie  Klock’s house was located right here!  And his son’s house (Albertus) was next to it.


A NOTICE FROM THE CITY, TO TRYNTJE KLOCK (1672):  The page below came from Karon Clock Lemming’s booklet, “Our Ancestors”, 2012. It appears that Abraham has died by 1672, when his wife/widow Tryntie received this notice from the city.  It is regarding the Klock property and needed repairs to the path/street next to it …alongside the East River.


HERE BELOW, IS WHAT LITTLE I HAVE FOUND ON TRYNTIE ALBERTS KLOCK. (Abraham’s wife, my great x6 grandmother) …other than the post above and a few baptisms/christenings of their children.  (Once again, Tryntie is the Dutch name for Catharine in English.)  Was she born here, or in Holland? I’ve seen it both ways. I would like to be able to trace her or Abraham (or their families) back to Holland, but it’s very very difficult.  Perhaps someone can help me cross the Atlantic?


THE 2 KLOCK SISTERS: Sarah and Tryntie, the eldest two in Abraham & Tryntie Klock’s family …followed by sons, Marten, then Albertus. I have my doubts about Sarah’s birthplace …nowhere else have I seen she was born in Ft Orange (Albany today) nor that her parents ever lived there either ….but quite often that they lived in New Amsterdam (NYC today).








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