#2 – INTRODUCTION: Starting Out

This is it, folks …first day of my first blog. Oh I hope it’s not gonna be a slog, with or without the help of a frog, living in the bog, croaking under a log, Oh, did I mention anything about all the fog in the bog, as I blog? (November 2011)



On a more serious note, I was in Washington DC one time and visited the National Archives. On the way out of the building that contains so many reminders of our country’s past, is a stone monolith with the words etched in it ….”The Past Is Prologue”. I was struck by the simple truth of those words and quickly wrote them on a scrap of paper in my pocket. So much of what we do, achieve and think is more often a sequel than something brand new. But in the years that followed, I sensed those words were missing something. That they only went part way towards explaining our relationship with happened earlier and those who came before us. Then, years later I read the phrase ….”THE PAST ISN’T DEAD, IT’S NOT EVEN PAST.” That says it all in just one sentence! And explains why it is so important we do this Clock family collection from throughout the ages, now, while the materials still exist. So that we can better understand ourselves and each other, today. And have an opportunity to measure ourselves with a family yardstick. And enjoy their victories in life and share their defeats. Most of their wins, ties and losses ….are so similar to ours.

Just as the past of our own lives constantly mingles with our present life …so those earlier Clocks still linger with us in small ways and sometimes larger ones, even now. Their attitudes about life, their values and personality traits still affect us. Whether we accept or reject their outlook, they are still part of the way we measure ourselves and others. We continue to use the Clock family’s first & middle names (such as Hannah, Clyde, Wilkie, Lewis and Mary) when we name our children sometimes. And even our own personal appearance, when we look in the mirror, is largely based on those who came before us. And so it all swirls together in our life ….until it is nearly impossible to separate the past from the present and the future. Of course much of this goes unnoticed by us as we run around everyday. But it is still part of us all, whether we stop to notice or not. Part of each of us ….forever. This collection is intended to, hopefully, help us all remember that. And to realize the things the Clocks all have in common are far greater than our differences.

-Barry Mark Clock
November 2011

“Then he was told,
Remember all you have seen & heard
Because everything forgotten
Returns to the circling winds.”
-from the Navaho Wind Chant

“Will the circle be unbroken,
By and by Lord, by and by.”
-from the song, sung by many artists

“To surpass the master, repays the debt.” -Japanese proverb

“Take a sad song and make it better.
For well you know that it’s a fool who makes the world a little colder.”
-from a song by The Beatles

“The past is just a goodbye. So teach your children well.
And you of tender years ….teach your parents well.”
-a song by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young


About clockbear13

Enough about me. More importantly, this blog is intended to be a gathering spot for all available materials relating to the Clock family, past, present & future ....an interest of mine for many years.
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