If you would like to contribute something to this family history, just send it to me via email …or even US Post Office mail …and I will post it.  I hope you will help out!  This blog can rather easily be added onto and portions of it can also be deleted or rearranged. So it is a fluid, living thing. In no way should it be considered “finished”, nor, ideally, will it ever be. In fact much more is missing from this blog than is included. So, this is just a beginning. I would imagine the table of contents will probably alter through time. Anyhow, this is the way it was set up in March 2012. But the Clock Family Heritage blog, over all, is intended to be permanent, in whatever form it evolves into.

It begins with the first Klocks/Clocks who came to America in the mid-1600’s and runs up through the present day, in roughly chronological order. Up through myself and my wife, our children and our grandchildren. Hopefully all the rest of the Clocks will update it for their branch of the family too. After all, the present is at least as important as the past!

If you have any suggestions, questions or comments about this blog, please do so. It’s simple, just type them under COMMENTS. I’ll see them and respond.

1. Contents

2. Introduction

3. Family Tree: The Clocks (1640 – Present)

4. The Clocks/Klocks of New Amsterdam (1600’s)

5. Abraham Martenszen Klock (1626?-1667?)

6. Albertus Klock (1660-1725)

7. The Dutch Reformed Church & The Clocks (1600’s)

8. John Clock (1696-1746)

9. All The Clocks of Connecticut (1700-1900’s)

10. Jacob Clock (1738-1811)

11. Abraham Clock (1783-1857)

12. That’s Us? The German Palatines of New York (1700’s)

13. Book: “The Autobiography of Jacob Wilkie Clock”

14. JWC: Farther and Farther West …All the Places He Lived

15. What A Life!: Jacob Wilkie Clock (1811-1886)

16. The Methodists & The Clocks (1820’s-Present)

17. Book: “The Diary of Jacob Wilkie Clock (1835-1873)

18. The Civil War & The Clock Relatives: Essay & Momentos

19. Baker University & The Clocks: Jacob W. Clock (1870’s) and Quentin Clock (1930’s)

20. Prohibition & The Clocks (1800’s-Present)

21. My Great Grandma’s Letters: Margaret Ann Clock

22. Margaret Ann Clock: Her Life (1836-1916)

23. Photo Album: Young Wilkie (1870’s-1900)

24. Wilkie Clock’s Trip To Europe (1900)

25. Burma Mission: A Letter to Wilkie & Margaret (1907)

26. The Clocks of Wisconsin (1915-1916) & Minnesota (1913-1914)

27. Heading Out For Oklahoma (1917)

28. The Oklahoma Clocks (1917-1958)

29. George & Roavene Clock (1902-1951) (1904-1986)

30. A Lifetime: Margaret M. Clock (1877-1958)

31. Paul & Minnie Clock (1907-1982) (1905-1993)

32. Mary M. Clock (1909-1993)

33.  Indian Territory & The Land Rushes: Oklahoma’s Origins

34. Jeff & Ruth Clock Elmer (1905-1990) (1912-1978)

35. West Tulsa, Oklahoma: Then & Now

36. Virgil & Rita Clock (1915-1967) (1916-2008)

37. The Tulsa Race Riot (1921)

38. Quentin & Fern Clock (1919-2004) (1916-1987)

39. Tulsa Central High: Charles Clock & Ellen Collins (1931)

40. Virgil & Charlie: Postcards, Photos & Stories (1925-1930’s)

41.  As Sweet As Flowers In May: Charles & Ellen (Before 1931-Forever)

42. The Collins & The Stites Clans: My Mother’s Side Of the Family (1900-1996)

43. On The Road: Charles & Ellen Clock (1935-1938)

44.  World War II: Navy Lt Jg Charles Clock & The SS Dana (1944-1945)

45.  Clock Associates & Charles L. Clock (1953-1995)

46. Clock Family Reunions (1986 & 1991)

47. Funeral Service: Charles Lewis Clock (2001)

48. Poem: Those Who Have Passed

49. Book: “Mom and Dad: Charles & Ellen Clock (1998)

50. Four Boys, No Girls: Charles & Ellen Clock’s Sons

51. Eleven Grandkids: Charles & Ellen’s Grandchildren

52. Barry & Julie Clock (1948 & 1953 – Present)

53. The Briggs & Johnson Bunch: Julie’s Side of the Family

54. Kevin Charles & Shalia Keough Clock (1978 & 1984 – Present)

55. Kristy Marie Clock; (1981)

56. Tristen & Taylor (2002 & 2005 – Present)

*NOTE: NAVIGATING AROUND THIS BLOG – The way I prefer to search for a person or topic ….simply look at the number of it in the above CONTENTS.  Each blog post from 1-56 has the same number on it as in the CONTENTS. For instance …if you’re interested in reading about “Tulsa Central High: Charles and Ellen” ….that is blog #39 as in the “CONTENTS” above. Then simply go down thru the blog postings to #39. And there you are. There is no way to simply click on the numbers above in the CONTENTS to take you there. Unfortunately. Still, it’s simple. It really is!!

Or you can simply just scroll down from the beginning, but since there is so much information in this history, that can take a while, especially if you have slow internet. But it certainly works.

**IMPORTANT: While reading ….click on any image and it will enlarge to the size of your screen. Particularly important with the maps & some other images.



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Enough about me. More importantly, this blog is intended to be a gathering spot for all available materials relating to the Clock family, past, present & future ....an interest of mine for many years.
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